Famous MacAlister People

(source: http://www.scotclans.com/scottish_clans/clan_macalister/people.html)

William Alexander of Menstrie (c.1600)
The MacAlisters who settled in Stirlingshire adopted the anglicised version of their name and William Alexander was one of Menstrie’s first Alexanders. As a courtier under the patronage of the Earl of Argyll, Alexander devised the scheme selling the titles ‘Baronets of Nova Scotia’.

Partly to increase the colonisation of Scotland’s share of Indian territory, but mostly to make money for the crown, an investor in the New World would be honoured with the title of Baronet of Nova Scotia. The pompous scheme was so successful that the King rewarded Alexander with the title of Earl of Stirling.

With further pomp he was acknowledged, despite genealogy and common sense, as chief of the MacAlisters.



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